Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Mow Family

This is the introduction to our new family Blog! The Mow's are made up of Michael and Amy Mow who have been married for almost nine years. In that nine years we have added 3 children to our family--Ethan who is almost 5, Noah who is almost 3 and our little Princess Bella who is 9 months old (sorry she was napping at the time of the photo!). This is our first attempt at a "Blog" and we did a little checking and realized we are one of the only people who didn't have one. Hope you enjoy!

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The Jones Six said...

Hi Bubba and Amy! This is Lindsay! You have such a cute family! How are you? I'm so glad Stephen tracked you down. He has been wondering about you for a long time! He misses you! glad you're now in the blogging world!