Monday, July 28, 2008

The 4th of July Continues (The Parade)

This was Bella's "after parade" fun! I am not sure who I worry about more--Bella or the Balloon!
Here os Noah showing off the one piece of candy he got at the parade!

Get it Ethan--Get it! He was so overwhelmed with which way he should run when all the candy came flying toward him! It was so fun to watch him!

Ethan loved chasing for candy! He was pretty agressive and got quite a stash. Noah was too busy crying over a scraped knee to get any candy. Marissa Bone gave him her bag which was very thoughtful!

It was pretty hot and with all of that running Ethan was pretty tired! He got a very red face from all that excitement!

Noah fell on the street and scrapped up his knee before the parade began. Of course he was pretty dramatic and it made for a lovely start to our experience. He screamed for quite a while and made everyone very happy. This picture is prior to the downward spiral that was about to take place!

Here is Ethan who was so excited to go to the parade with his cousin Jack! He is always very happy, but today he was exstatic! We love him!

WOW--what a nice looking boy! He thinks he is too cool for his mom all ready! Watch out ladies.

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wrens said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun over the fourth!!