Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures of our 4th of July Celebration (The Lake)

I think Noah is saying "What do you want Addie? Haven't I told you enough I want to play on my own!" Addie is always trying to get Noah to go along with her and sometimes he does, but sometimes he doen not! They are really cute together!

Since this was Noah's first time at the lake this year, we took more pictures of him than anyone else. He was also the only one who would hold still long enough to take a photo!

Noahhad a hard time wearing the life jacket, but decided to endure it in order to have fun in the water! He was so fun to watch!

What a cute kid! Noah loved the lake and playing in the sand. What a pose--he is just like his Daddy! He is really growing up and is able to play on his own without drowning--what a milestone in our lives.

This was Bella's first trip out in her adorable swimming suit! It is pretty fun having a girl to get all dolled up!

Bubba and Breann were the lucky ones who got to ride behind the boat until it broke down! We were unable to get it going again and so the kids ended up enjoying swimming! It worked out great!

Here is Ethan suited up and ready to swim! Ethan always poses like this for the camers and we are really trying to work on a more natural picture smile--it is not working too well!

Bella and Lyla got to hang out together at the lake. You can tell that they were both thrilled to be sharing the crib space with another baby just there size! It didn't last long with trying to get them to share toys, food, and the crib!

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