Monday, July 28, 2008

Potty Training Noah

It has been quite the process to try and get Noah (our genius child) to learn the importance of going potty in the potty! You would think that as smart as he is--he would have taught himself by now. I think he is too smart! Well, he told me that he needed big boy underwear with letters and numbers on them and then he would go to the potty. I searched everywhere for big boy underwear with letters and numbers on them. There were none to be found! Bubba made a desperate call to his mom and asked her to use her amazing sewing skills to make these underwear. She agreed and brought them out over the 4th of July! They were a hit and Noah LOVED them. However, he still refuses to use the potty. I guess he got some amazing underwear out of the whole thing! There are some that have his name, some with M&M's, and one pair that has the word DOG on them that he won't wear because he says "I am not a dog!)Thanks to Grammy for the underwear, you did such a great job. I wish I would have had her make some for Ethan, but I hope some princess ones are coming for Bella in a few years!


Clement Family said...

skivie monster

Mrs. Jones said...

How is the potty training going? Xander REFUSES to learn. Last year he was doing so good and now he is going to be in diapers forever!